Weight training & trying something New

Hey guys! Last week I couldn’t write a blog post because I had writers block but now I am back and better than ever!

This week I wanted to talk about something new I have been introduced to- weight training. I have never done weight training before, mainly because I was intimidated and had no one to teach me properly. But then my loving boyfriend, Derion Ducedre, who has been training hockey goalies on the ice and in the gym for several years, decided to become my personal trainer.

He just started to weight train with me two weeks ago but I have learned so much already. Every workout I start with 8 reps of squat warm-ups with the bar and then add weight to it for each set. Then I perform different exercises depending on the day. For biceps and back I usually do bicep curls, hammer curls and rows. For chest I have done bench press, pushups and dumbbell fly’s. Lastly for leg day, I have performed lots of squats, lunges and box jumps.

What I have really learned to love about weight training is the actual weights (as silly as that sounds). I have been used to using my body weight for so long that I didn’t realize I can perform the same type of exercises with weights. This way I am able to go up in weight and really challenge my body. In just two weeks I have been able to squat just the bar (45 lbs) to squatting the bar plus twenty pounds on each side (95 lbs). I love how by just slowly adding weight to each exercise, I am able to see the strength and improvement in my body.

Previously, I have been intimidated and scared from using weights in my exercises. But now weight training is now one of my favourite aspects of my fitness routine and I can’t wait to see the results. I am also thankful to Derion for teaching me how to perform the exercises properly to avoid injury and ensuring I use the correct muscles.

If you’re ever bored of your fitness routine try spicing it up and add something new- whether it be a spin class, weight training, yoga or doing a workout with a friend.

You never know what joy it can bring to your life.