My whole life I’ve been scared about being alone, doing things alone and feeling alone. I put my happiness in the hands of other people. But this year I made it my focus to change that! This is #KierstynsYearofFirsts. If you follow my personal Instagram or Twitter account already, you’ll have noticed that I’ve started […]

Let me start off by saying this: You are not your friends. You are not your fitness idol. You are not your favourite Instagram-er. You’re you. So stop comparing yourself to them. Everyone’s journey on Earth is different and so many factors play a part. You might be a parent of two with very little […]

I always talk about how I’ve learned a lot of things over the course of my fitness journey… and I have- without a doubt. But I’ve also learned a lot over the course of my life’s journey- one I’ve been on for 22 years. The one thing everyone always warns you about is not to […]

Life, as we know it tends to get busy sometimes, or all the time. When it gets really busy we often hear the phrase “I don’t have time for it/that/them etc.” I too would often use this phrase, until I saw a phrase online that said, “Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time’ try saying […]