Many people think that motivation comes from reading quotes on Instagram¬†and looking at recipes or workout videos on Pinterest. And true, these may lift your mood or give you inspiration on what to make for dinner Friday night- but before you know it, you’ve been scrolling for over an hour and you’re still lying on the couch in your sweatpants.

I found that the best mindset to have when it comes to being motivated is to just do it (nike reference?).

You need to clean your room? Do it. You want to cook a healthy meal for dinner? Get up and go to the grocery store. You want to workout and get active? Go put your running shoes on. With this mindset you get your goals accomplished quicker and more efficiently.

Motivation starts from doing. You can write a list of goals you have for the week/month/year and keep looking at that list day after day or you can just tell yourself “get up and do it now.” Once you start telling repeatedly telling yourself this, you will realize how many of those goals you can check off on your list. It can be as simple as starting to read a book. Just tell yourself to pick up your book and read the first 10 pages. Before you know it, you’ve read 10 chapters. Another example is cleaning your room. Tell yourself to put music on and just dust your dresser. Before you know it, you’ve vacuumed, mopped and dusted the entire house.

When you’re dreading to go to the gym for your daily workout, remember how energized you feel after and to just do it. Maybe try a new fitness class? Go with a friend? Buy new workout gear? Whatever will make you want to go- just do it. You will not regret going but you will regret not going.

Try applying this principle to your daily life and see where it takes you. See what you can accomplish.

The only person who can make you get up and do it is yourself. No one else- just you.