Comparing: A Habit You Need to Quit

Let me start off by saying this: You are not your friends. You are not your fitness idol. You are not your favourite Instagram-er. You’re you. So stop comparing yourself to them.

Everyone’s journey on Earth is different and so many factors play a part. You might be a parent of two with very little time available to focus on your own personal goals. You may be a full time student who wants to focus solely on studying and being social with friends. OR you may be a twenty something, couch potato in a mediocre but stable job who longs for value providing additions in life but doesn’t know where to start. Regardless of where you’re at, it’s YOUR journey, not someone else’s. Sure, people may be in a similar situation to you but they will never be exactly like you.

Honestly, that’s something to be excited about! Think about the impact you’re going to have on the world providing others with things they never even knew existed. Think about the opportunities you have to stand out from the crowd. The world is in the palm of your hands… you just have to make the choice to do something about it.

Fitness is a HUGE part of my life and encouraging others to lead a healthier lifestyle is something I am crazy passionate about BUT I can only do so much. It all starts with you – and a little motivation of course! Most people either don’t start or start, get discouraged and give up. Why? Because they compare their journey to other people’s journeys. They have this wrong belief about themselves that they can’t do it. “It’s too hard.” “My body isn’t capable of that.” “I was born with big bones, I’ll never be fit.” “I don’t have time.” These are just a few of the things I hear on a continuous basis. Comparison is a goal killer. It’s a motivation destroyer. You let your wrong beliefs dictate what you can and can’t do instead of embracing who you are and what you are capable of.

So… you’re a parent with very little time to focus on your own personal goals. I get it.. you’re not like Susan who has copious amounts of free time but that’s okay, because Susan is living a completely different life than you. It’s up to you to make your current situation work with your long term goals. Go for a walk- bring the stroller. Make getting groceries an educational experience for your kids to learn about what good food can be put into their bodies. Hire a babysitter- “you” time is important. Use that time to get away from the house and do something you love.

If you’re a student in school- prioritize. Take care of your health because THAT will help you in school. Adjust your life according to YOUR circumstances. Work around your schedule. Bring healthy snacks to campus. Stop making excuses for why you can’t workout when your currently sitting in bed watching netflix. Make better use of your time.

If you’re a twenty-something who knows what they want but is too scared to go after it… let that go. Fear is created by the lies you tell yourself every day so if you keep telling yourself you can’t do something, you’re going to start believing it. You’ll continuously be in this vicious cycle where you’re constantly feeling sorry for yourself when you could be living the life of your dreams. Until you realize that.. you’re not going to get anywhere.

Essentially, you spend the majority of your life looking at the mountain you’re on, continuously trying to reach the top. That’s okay- SHOOT FOR YOUR GOALS. But you’re looking at all these other people on the mountain and wishing you were where they are. What you don’t realize is that each person is on their own mountain. Your peak might be someone else’s base and vice-versa.

So if you’re looking to change your life, do it for you, not for someone else. Do it to better yourself as an individual and do it because you love the process… not the end result. The end result will come if you fall in love with the process. Comparing yourself to others is only going to push you into a continuous hole of disappointment and leave you feeling worse than ever. Take your leap today- ask for help, look for guidance, start small and work your way up.┬áSet personal goals and know that you may not see results as fast as others, BUT you will see results if you work at it. Live your life the best way you could live it in any given moment. Take risks. Push yourself.

This life is yours- what are YOU going to make of it?