thankful; (adj)

Hello hello! I know what you are thinking- who are you and where have you been? Honestly, I’ve been busy and life happens so I’ve had to put my focus on other things BUT HERE I AM. ALIVE AND WELL.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I want to take this time to reflect on a few things I am thankful for. I love this time of year because it is filled with so much love, joy and happiness. The things below help get me through every single day and I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

  1. My support system – There are so many people in my life who are there to support me through everything I do and I honestly wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without them. Whether it’s my mom, my close girlfriends or my boyfriend, I am constantly surrounded by people who love me and want whats best for me. 

  2. My body– I have had a love/hate relationship with my body for quite some time but it still provides me with the ability to do everything I love- running, hiking, weight lifting etc. I push it so much and it bares through it all. I am beautiful. I am strong. My body works wonders. 

  3. Earth and its beautiful creations– Earth is beautiful and it provides us with so much. Here are some delicious creations provided from the fruits of this lovely planet. (I’m 100% a foodie and will love food till death do us part.)


4. You– Because you took the time to read this which means you’re still invested in Squats Over Sweets although I have been MIA for quite some time and I appreciate that so much. Knowing you’re interested in what I have to say and how much I’ve grown means so much.


Thanksgiving gives us a little reminder that we should think of the things we are thankful for but I make a point to think about these things every single day. A good friend once told me that I should think of three things that made me happy each day right before I fall asleep at night. It really helps put reality in check and I highly recommend you try it!

Be thankful. Be grateful. Be you. Be kind. Love always. Give graciously.

Talk soon,


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