Find Your Superhero Cape

I have so much appreciation for myself and this life I’ve built. For the first time ever, I feel like my very own superhero. I’ve surprised myself in more ways than one and I’ve taken charge of my life. One thing I’ve come to understand is that I feel most confident wearing my superhero cape. Capes can come in many different shapes and sizes, but mine comes in the form of my favourite sports bra and leggings. When I wear these items, I feel like a new woman with the strength to take on the whole world. It’s the uniform I never knew I needed.

18378948_779007555610486_2010861273_oNike Pro Sports Bra

18362058_779007548943820_1448914382_oJoe Fresh Active Jacket

Joe Fresh Reflective Active Tank

 Diadora Studio Go-To Tights

Your super hero cape doesn’t have to come in the form of clothes (although mine does). It can come in the form of an activity, a skill or your favourite item. What in your life fuels you? What gives you that burning desire to do what you love? Putting on these clothes sets my mood and inspires me. What one thing gives you that push to make your life better? If you don’t know what it is, this is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and figure it out.

– K


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