When Did Loving Yourself Become a Crime

Growing up we were taught that bragging about ourselves and our accomplishments was vain and inconsiderate. We were told that being proud of who we are and what we’ve done is okay, as long as we keep those thoughts to ourselves because sharing them only makes others feel bad. This then translated into us not being content with who we are as people because we felt like we couldn’t be. It forced us into a state of constant competition and trying to be better than the person sitting next to us without even speaking a word.

Over the course of the past 400ish days, I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery. Throughout my journey, I’ve found self-love and have learned to be proud of who I am and all that I’ve accomplished. During this time, I would express what I’ve learned with others, how I’ve come to terms with my strengths and weaknesses, often following the conversation with, “I’ve finally learned to love myself!” This is huge for me as I’ve struggled with confidence my whole life. What shocks me most, though, is that when I express this to others, they usually follow it with, “you’re pretty vain, eh.” Or something along the lines of, “you think so highly of yourself.” Sometimes all I get is a scoff or even a little chuckle.

In today’s day and age, depression and anxiety are at an all time high. Suggestions to *fix* this are to learn to love yourself but when you do, you get ridiculed anyway. Can someone please explain to me when loving yourself became a crime?

Some days I wake up and love everything about myself (almost) but then other days I don’t. Either way, if I’m proud of myself, why do people have to make me feel like I shouldn’t be?

I get it. It all comes down to jealousy and jealousy is a dangerous emotion. But encouraging others to be proud of themselves is one thing, letting them be is another. Don’t preach loving yourself and then sit there and judge people when they do.

There are two things I want you to learn from this blog post:

  1. If you judge someone for loving themselves and being proud of who they are, take a step back and ask yourself why you are judging them. Get to that root cause. It’s most likely an internal struggle you are dealing with and is a reflection of how you truly feel about yourself.
  2. If you’ve found self-love or have done something that makes you proud, SHOUT IT TO THE WORLD. Let everyone know how proud you are because odds are it will inspire others. Finding self-love is hard and it does come and go so when it’s there, embrace it in all of it’s glory. You deserve it.

The world spins round and round and as cliche as it sounds, life is way to short to sit in the shadows. They always talk about finding love in others and when you find that love, to never let it go. Instead, once you’ve found love in yourself, never let THAT go. That’s the love that will stick with you for life.


8 Tips for Getting your Diet Under Control

What most people don’t realize is that losing weight, building muscle and obtaining optimal health is most dependent on what you eat versus how much exercise you do. A lot of people refer to the 80/20 rule, stating that fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Exercising seven days a week will not help you obtain a healthy lifestyle if you are fuelling your body with garbage. With that being said, here are some key tips that I’ve learned over the last year regarding diet and making healthy food choices!

  1. Consistency is key. Find a few meals that you love and have those a few times a week. For example, my favourite meal is breakfast and I always have two hard boiled eggs, a piece of toast and a banana. I eat this every single day because I don’t need variety but you may want to alternate every other day.
  2. Meal prepping helps you avoid temptations. Having food already made ensures you don’t spend money on take-out and stops you from being hungry and choosing something quick/ unhealthy to eat. I usually meal prep for three days at a time. I’ll make chicken and vegetables because they can be made in various ways such as in a salad, by themselves or in a wrap.
  3. Snacking is required as long as you do it right! Try to always have fruits and vegetables available for you to munch on. Fruit will definitely help satisfy your sugar cravings and they will keep you full as well. Avoid the following: high carb snacks like cookies, donuts, chips and candy. Substitute nuts, dark chocolate and natural foods.
  4. Make sure every meal is well rounded. For lunch and dinner I always make sure I have a form of protein, vegetable and carb. This helps keep me full and ensures I’m getting all of the nutrients I need. My most favourite lunch meal is grilled chicken, broccoli and sweet potato.
  5. Eat every 2 hours. This will help with cravings and ensure you aren’t hungry all the time. What you eat every two hours is important as well. Aim for small snacks like an apple or a protein bar.
  6. Don’t eat two hours before you go to bed. Setting guidelines like this for yourself will stop you from forming bad habits. In addition, your metabolism slows when you go to sleep so processing food won’t happen like it does during the day.
  7. Get creative! So many people tell me that eating healthy is boring. This is only true if you make it that way. Use this as an opportunity to make those recipes that are stored in your favourites tab.
  8. Allow yourself to have the food you love. Quit labeling food as good and bad. Allow yourself one meal a week that you can look forward to that may not be as healthy as the rest but makes your heart happy! If you abstain from eating the things you’re used to eating, your body will quickly go into withdrawals and you are more likely to crack.

It’s important to note that the term “diet” gets a negative rep. You often hear people saying “you shouldn’t diet, it’s not healthy for you” but diet is simply what you are eating and you should monitor that as long as it’s in a healthy way. This means ensuring that you are getting your recommended intake of vitamins and minerals every single day. This does not mean cutting back how much you eat or skipping meals. Finding a happy medium between cutting out unhealthy foods and filling that space with healthy all-natural foods is the goal.

I love food and I have a lot of issues with food (ie. emotional and stress eating) BUT these tips above are what keep me on track. I’m not perfect and you can’t expect yourself to be either. Figuring out your diet can be extremely difficult and frustrating but every small step will help. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m here to help YOU!


Find Your Superhero Cape

I have so much appreciation for myself and this life I’ve built. For the first time ever, I feel like my very own superhero. I’ve surprised myself in more ways than one and I’ve taken charge of my life. One thing I’ve come to understand is that I feel most confident wearing my superhero cape. Capes can come in many different shapes and sizes, but mine comes in the form of my favourite sports bra and leggings. When I wear these items, I feel like a new woman with the strength to take on the whole world. It’s the uniform I never knew I needed.

18378948_779007555610486_2010861273_oNike Pro Sports Bra

18362058_779007548943820_1448914382_oJoe Fresh Active Jacket

Joe Fresh Reflective Active Tank

 Diadora Studio Go-To Tights

Your super hero cape doesn’t have to come in the form of clothes (although mine does). It can come in the form of an activity, a skill or your favourite item. What in your life fuels you? What gives you that burning desire to do what you love? Putting on these clothes sets my mood and inspires me. What one thing gives you that push to make your life better? If you don’t know what it is, this is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and figure it out.

– K