A Look into Various Eating Behaviours

Why do we eat? Simply put, we need to fuel our body with energy to function and carry out daily tasks; however, the meaning of food and the reason why we eat (and overeat) is far more complex. Individual influences on eating include dietary restraint, emotional eating, and disinhibition and external eating.
Dietary Restraint
This occurs when someone stops eating before their body signals that satiation has occurred. Individuals are thinking about what and how much food they should eat, and this generally predicts over-consumption. “Normal” eaters follow physiological needs for consumption, eat when they’re hungry, and stop eating when they are full. On the other hand, “restrained” eaters follow self-imposed rules for consumption, often ignore feelings of hunger, and their psychological control is what terminates meals. Within the “restrained” eaters category, there are also flexible restrainers and rigid restrainers. Flexible restrainers have flexible rules for eating behaviour and have few negative consequences after violation of rules. Rigid restrainers follow all-or-nothing rules that must be followed and experience strong negative consequences (ex. personal failure) after violating rules. They cannot compensate and therefore they over-consume at meals.
Emotional Eating
This type of eating behaviour is very common and many people experience it. Foods that are high in sugar and fat are palatable and make you feel good by releasing opioids and dopamine. Some people rely on this effect to cope with anxiety or pain, but emotional eating isn’t just associated with negative moods. It can also be seen during positive moods where restrained eaters lose control of rules. Stress is another factor that can affect eating patterns. Depending on the nature and severity of the stressor, as well as individual differences, stress can lead to under- or over-eating.
Disinhibition is any form of distraction that leads to eating more than usual, regardless of hunger, and is associated with both dietary restraint and emotional eating. For example, eating in front of the TV can cause you to overconsume because you’re not actively paying attention to how much you’re eating.
External Eaters
These types of individuals have an inability to resist food when it is present or if there are sensory cues to eat (ex. smell, sight, hedonic value), despite the absence of physiological cues. The motivation to eat is not driven by hunger, but by external food cues.
If you have any diet related questions, please reach out to my friend Jenna at She has been such a big help to me in terms of figuring out my poor eating habits and is a great resource for all things food! Jenna has been studying at Western University focusing on Nutrition and Dietetics. All information provided above is courtesy of Jenna herself. We look forward to having her contribute to this blog on a regular basis!

Adrenaline, the best kind of drug

I still remember my very first workout in April of 2016 when I started my fitness journey. It was the most awful, dreadful and exhausting feeling I had ever felt before. After 2 minutes walking on the treadmill I was as out of breath as someone who had just run a marathon. I felt like I was going to pass out or be sick as the heat overwhelmed my body and my head started to spin. BUT I also had this incredible sense of pride. The adrenaline my body produced allowed me to get through my workout and the feeling I had when I finished it was unexplainable. My blood pumping, my face pouring with sweat, every shallow breath, my playlist entering it’s cool down mode… every single bit of that moment, both good and bad, contributes to why I have fallen in love with this process.

Last night I ran my very first bootcamp and that same adrenaline rushed through my body, except this time in a completely different way. I stood there, in front of four people I managed to get to come out for a workout, petrified out of my mind. This was it… this was the moment I had been waiting for since I started this blog in January. I was finally going to put these people through a workout routine I created.. ME. The same woman that struggled so much just a year ago. These people were looking up to me and put their trust in me that I knew what I was doing. Leading up to it, my heart started beating faster, I started sweating and various thoughts crossed my mind. “What are you thinking Kierstyn? You can’t do this? You have no idea what you’ve got yourself into.” Hell, I was nervous. For those of you that know me personally, I don’t normally get nervous. This was different. THIS was out of my comfort zone. But then something happened. As the workout started, the fear and doubt started to evaporate and the excitement started to kick in. I watched these individuals perform every exercise in the sequence I created. Every drop of sweat that fell off their face, every time they said they hated the feeling, every time I imagined them cursing my name. I couldn’t help but feel proud. Proud of myself but most importantly of them. What they didn’t realize was that this adrenaline rush that they were feeling was the same feeling that I experienced a year ago and it is going to be enough to change their lives.

I was made to do this. I felt it in every inch of my body. Last night was the first time I thought about how I’ve spent so much time working towards my dream only to realize that I’m already living it.

Adrenaline is a beautiful drug. It helps you step out of your comfort zone. It gives you the push you need to conquer your dreams. A year ago, I got a small dose of the adrenaline that pushed me to reach for my goals and work extra hard. Now, that same adrenaline comes in full force to push ME to help YOU crush your dreams. I wouldn’t change that feeling for the world and I will continue to look forward to that feeling every single day for the rest of my life.


– K


Living Healthy on a Student Budget

My whole life I told myself that I couldn’t eat healthy because I couldn’t afford it. So in turn, I ate whatever I felt like and the only exercise I got was walking to and from my car. The result? I was sick and tired all the time- the two things you most definitely don’t want to be as a student in school trying to get good marks and keep stress low.

When I first started this journey, I realized I needed to come up with a plan really fast if I was going to eat healthier and try to build strength. I started laying out a meal plan for myself and making sure to budget the amount needed each week. If this was going to be a serious life long commitment, I had to be willing to sacrifice going out drinking with friends to ensure I had a healthy meal to cook every night.

Kierstyn’s Grocery List

  1. Bananas
  2. Apples
  3. Asparagus
  4. Brussell Sprouts
  5. Cucumbers
  6. Broccoli
  7. Carrots
  8. Nature’s Path Superseed Oatmeal
  9. Chicken (package of 9 breasts- if on sale)
  10. Sweet Potatoes
  11. Almond Milk
  12. Sunflower seeds

With this list, I make the exact same meals for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner from Sunday to Thursday. It costs me about $60 a week. You’ll notice that there aren’t any grains or dairy in this list and it’s because a) I’m lactose-intolerant and b) I’m currently on an elimination diet to help determine what’s been causing me so many stomach issues. Regardless, eating healthy isn’t as expensive as everyone makes it out to be and once you start doing it, you find ways to opt for healthier, cheaper options!


  1. If you live at home with your parents, eat the brands they already buy.
  2. If you live with roommates, see if you can buy in bulk.
  3. If you live on your own, make sacrifices for things you currently do to ensure you have enough money each week for healthy food choices. (ie. rather than having date night out with the girls, have a small potluck at home!)
  4. Buy things on sale. Find discounts.
  5. Plan ahead. Don’t show up to the grocery store without a plan of what you’re going to buy or else you’ll just buy everything.
  6. Eat before you go grocery shopping so your cravings don’t take over!

Now I know you must be wondering what on earth I make for meals with such a limited grocery list and I can tell you.. it’s nothing special. BUT it gives me the energy I need throughout the day.

Kierstyn’s Meal Plan:

Breakfast (8am): Oatmeal w/ almond milk, banana and sunflower seeds

Snack #1 (10am): Apple

Lunch (12:30pm): Half chicken breast, vegetable and sweet potato

Snack #2 (3pm): Carrots/cucumbers

Dinner (5pm): Half chicken breast and vegetables

Note: You’ll notice that I don’t currently take any supplements including BCAAs or protein powders. I’ve made a decision not to consume any products that are processed in a lab and only obtain my nutrients from natural sources. This is a personal preference and if you enjoy your supplements, that’s totally cool too!

By ensuring that all of my meals are the same, I maintain the cost. Find what works for you. Make adjustments according to your budget. Shop for things on sale! Be an extreme coupon-er! I generally change up my meals every couple of weeks to have variety but they are always of the same style.

Eating healthy is a huge lifestyle change because it doesn’t just affect your habits, but it affects your bank account as well. You have to make the right choices and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Every person is different and has to eat different things based on their workout program/ dietary restrictions so my plan may not work for you. It took me about 6 months to finally figure out a meal plan that would work with my busy schedule and my student budget. Reach out to me on the contact page and maybe I can help you come up with a meal plan that works for your lifestyle!

– K


Top 5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Starting your Fitness Journey

As we approach another beautiful summer, we often decide that THIS is the time of year to get active, eat healthy and make big lifestyle changes! Woo! That’s exactly what I did a year ago and it’s been the best decision I could have ever made. BUT before you make this decision, you need to ask yourself a few key questions!

1. Why do you want to change your life? 

Have you been in a slump all Winter? Do you love sports but you’ve lost touch with them since you started your job? Do you want to build strength? Do you want to help your family become more active? Do you want to take your chance at some new recipes? Did your doctor advise you to eat healthier or walk more? What was the main reason why you started thinking about making lifestyle changes? These kinds of questions are going to put you in the right mindset for beginning your journey as they set the foundation for why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you find yourself saying things like, “well my friend is doing it and I want to do it too,” or “I want a bangin body by July,” you’re starting this journey off wrong and you need to take more time to think about what you reaaaaaaaaally want.

2. What are you hoping to gain from making lifestyle changes? 

If your answer to this is “rock solid abs” or “size zero pants,” cool. But let’s be realistic about it! You’re not going to get these things in a set period of time. You have to build a lifestyle that you’re going to live for the rest of your life and these things will come. Identify some key goals you have and work at them with an open-ended timeline. Having these goals in mind will help motivate you and push you to continue!

3. How do you plan on starting? 

Are you going to tackle a workout program? Are you going to meal-prep? Are you going to join a sports team? Walk your dog every day? What is going to be the one thing that motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? Find something that makes you excited to get fit- mentally and physically. Try a new activity like yoga or go to a new restaurant! Broaden your horizon and use this as an excuse to do the things you’ve always wished you could do.

4. Who do you have in your life that is going to support you and hold you accountable?

Having a strong support system is key. Those people will help guide you when you fall off track and pick you up when you’re feeling down. Is it your parents? Close friends? Your partner? Whoever it is, make sure they have your best interest at heart. Can’t name one person in particular? Pick me. I’ll support you. I’ll guide you. I’ll most definitely hold you accountable.

5. How badly do you want this?

Falling off track happens. It’s happened to me many of times. But I ALWAYS pick myself back up. Why? Because I want this. I need this. This is my life. If you don’t want it bad enough, you’re not going to be able to make the commitment. Make sure that what you’re doing is what YOU want to be doing. Not what someone else wants you to be doing. And then ask yourself how committed you are to the life you envision yourself in.

What I’ve come to realize over the course of the past year is that this isn’t just a 12-week journey or a 6 month journey. It’s a lifelong journey. I’m building the foundations right now to be able to live the most healthy life I could possibly live out of habit. Eating healthy because it’s just what I do. Exercising because I love the feeling. Going out and doing things by myself or with others that make my spirit happy. I once wanted abs, and I wanted them in a 3 month time frame. That was incredibly unrealistic and a year later, I still don’t have “abs” BUT I feel incredibly healthy. THAT is what is important. Every single day I step out of my comfort zone and try something new or push myself a little harder. This incredible life I’ve built is one that will stay.

So, ask yourself these questions. Make the decision to change your life when you are mentally ready to. Then, everything else will fall into place!

– K