Many of you have probably heard about the song “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles (one of my top 3 favourite bands). It’s been stuck in my head a lot this week and it got me thinking a lot about love. I think that a majority of people are afraid of talking about […]

There are a few products that I own that I would not be able to go a day without- items that provide me with value and help get me through the week! You Are a Badass You are a Badass is a book that, when I read it, makes me feel invincible. It motivates me […]

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first formal with my sorority and everyone was given gag awards. My gag award was Carpe Diem- the girl who seizes the day. I’ve heard of the saying Carpe Diem before but never really looked into it or thought of it twice. Winning that gag award made […]

Think about your life a year ago. What was different? What was the same? A year seems like a long time but it flies by before you know it. The picture below shows a transformation exactly one year apart. The photo on the left shows a woman who is insecure and scared of taking chances […]