Good afternoon everybody! This morning I decided to switch things up for breakfast and try out something new- breakfast bowls! This easy recipe only requires 3 ingredients: Fruit Yogurt Cereal The first step is to slice up your favourite fruit and put it at the bottom of the bowl. This morning, I decided to use […]

Yesterday, in my Marketing Channels class, my professor explained to us that when dry goods get shipped from the production facility to the grocer, it usually takes about three months. THREE MONTHS. What on earth is in that food that makes it last so long? AND how on earth do those chemicals break down in […]

A big part of my fitness journey was learning how to gain self love and confidence. This is something that not only I struggle with but everybody and anybody all over the world does too. Many close people in my life (mom, boyfriend, bestfriend) will tell me, “Love yourself- you’re beautiful!” But when I see […]